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cooling water side stream filters

Cooling Water

Side Stream Filters

The Fusion Works side stream filter removes particulate matter from many sources. These contaminants may come from dust or other unwanted airborne debris, or in the form of suspended corrosion particles and microbiological growths found in the makeup water added to the tower.


If allowed to settle, these solids can generate many problems within the system, and our side stream filter greatly assists by removing this unwanted matter.

Fusion Works uses Cyclonic filtration systems to effectively remove particles down to 40 microns from the cooling tower system.

A Pump and cyclonic filter is mounted on an SS folded frame and can incorporate bag filters to remove particles down to 5 micron. The cyclonic filter can be automatically purged with time blowdown.


Fusion Works also manufacture manifolds fitted with educators to sweep particles from the cooling tower basin into the filtration system.

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