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CNC Plasma Cutting

  • Stainless Steel 

  • Mild Steel 

Fusion Works offer a premium Swift-Cut Plasma Service. Plasma cutting provides a superior solution to traditional cutters, with excellent cutting in a variety of materials economically, and without flaws; which is why plasma cutting is often a preferred alternative to flame cutting. Our Swift-Cut Plasma is capable of cutting up to 20mm sheet metal on a 3 meter by 1.5-meter bed, providing us with the capacity to cut large sheets. Equipped with Hypertherm technology, the Swift-Cut delivers the best performance on the market, providing a smooth, detailed, intricate and flawless cut. Plasma cutting is perfect for cutting a variety of metal formations, including cleats and brackets, motorcycle and auto parts, signage, and sections for heavy machinery. Some of the materials we work with include:

Some of the materials we work with include:

  • Aluminium 

  • Copper 

  • Brass 

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