Orbital Welding

At Fusion Works we use the Orbitalum orbital welding systems to provide high quality seamless pipe and tube joining across a broad range of industries.

Orbital Welding is used whenever a high quality weld joint is needed. Orbital welding achieves incredible mechanical strength and X-ray qualification, precision and fidelity which is reflected in the clean aesthetics of the weld seam. Most commonly used to create a hygienic, uniform, flat and smooth root-pass within the pipe.


Smooth root-pass is important when generating equipment for the food processing industry as it alleviates issues with particulates becoming caught in the pipe and allows for thorough sterilisation and cleaning without compromise. Most hygienic piping systems are designed to be cleaned or sterilized in-place (CIP/SIP) without being disassembled. For CIP cleaning to maintain effective results, the inner surface of the piping, including the welds, must be uniform and free of any imperfection that can gather residue and provide a colonization site for bacteria.

Without the precision that orbital welding provides in various fitting, piping runs, valve assemblies, and similar joints, CIP would simply be impractical.

Our Orbitalum orbital welding systems is portable and can be taken on site to perform maintenance and alterations of systems minimising downtime to transport costs.


  • Computerized automatic welding technology

  • All position capability

  • Welds Stainless Steel among other engineered alloys

  • 1" – 4" pipe welding capability

  • Suitable for new installations or maintenance of existing piping systems



  • Saves time by reducing post weld grinding and cleaning

  • Computer programming ensures weld repeatability and reduces labour

  • Improves quality and integrity of piping systems